(We offer this option only to adresses within the Netherlands)

The possibility to order your tickets with a beer or juice package is no longer available

We enjoy balfolk festivals in several ways, including food and drinks. We want to offer you some yummy options for the occasion of SofaFolk. Delivered to your sofa and well in advance so that it will arrive before April 3rd. Folkie Manon de Graaf started her own Taplokaal Gist in Utrecht some time ago and made the following packages for us.

3 specialty beers or juices and if you want, some vegetarian nibbles! You’ll save the beer from their casks, where they have been stored awaiting the reopening of Dutch bars and restaurants. They will be canned especially for this occasion.

Specialty beers

St. Feuillien Triple

St. Feuillien Triple

A classical Belgian triple: a soft taste where you can discover hints of fruit and spiciness. Typical for this triple is that you can also note the taste of the malts. If you want to do another dance, better not start with this one.

Oproer 24/7 Session Ale

A light IPA of only 3,9%, but with a rich and full flavour. Ideal summer or festival beer and not for naught a pricewinning one. And straight from Utrecht. You can definately dance after this one, without ending up completely “bourrée”.

Engel Hefeweizen

A classisical Weizen from Bayern. Nice and soft, fruity, a relatively easy taste, but enjoyable from start to finish. Prost, mein Engel!

Juice Package

In the juice package of Taplokaal Gist you find refreshing apple and orange juice by German producer Heil, but also a ginger/lime lemonade by Herbal Moscow. Best design ever for a drink can, but above all a surprising taste, with hints of spruce needles and cucumber.

And if you feel like spicing it up after all, the Herbal Moscow is an excellent base for the cocktail Moscow Mule. Enjoy them plain or mixed.