Thanks to…

A big thank you to all the people who supported us these past few weeks with their advice and help. A project like this is a typical case of “we can do this… together”. We want to name the following people specifically:

Technicians:Lucas Kooijman
Ork de Rooij
Anke Veens
Dirk-Jan Mulders
Design:Maartje de Goede
Music:Bert Leemans
Guus Herremans
Wouter Kuyper
Luc Plompen
Niek van Uden-Luteijn
Dance:Sophie van Grinsven
Coloring page:Auke Eringa
Storyteller:Rob van Uden
Festival grounds:Louise Marius
Sofa hobnob supplies:Manon de Graaff – Taplokaal Gist Utrecht
Ticket sales:PeggyPay – Wim te Groen
Idea and realisation:Wouter Kuyper & Niek van Uden-Luteijn
Help and advice:Siemen, Annelies, Afke, Eva, Selena, Roel