For SofaFolk the two bands Airboxes and BmB come together. Beautiful, swinging, folksongs, energetic, the men want to make a brilliant party out of this night. And, both bands recorded their first CD in 2020. Barely heard live, so nice that they could come by to do a livestream on April 3. A duo of chromatic accordion and diatonic accordion, and a trio with voice, chromatic accordion and woodwinds (bagpipes, chalumeau and recorders). And together they might become AirBmB… that will be a musical delight, right?


Airboxes is atmospheric dance music brought to you by Bert Leemans and Guus Herremans on chromatic and diatonic accordion.

Bert (chromatic) and Guus (diatonic) are a perfect match, the different sounds of their instruments blend together in everything they play and take you on a journey to a magical world.

Airboxes solely play their own compositions. The variation in intimate solos and colourful interplay makes for an all-encompassing totality. They recorded their first album “One for the road” in 2020.

Airboxes are two men, two accordions, one story.


BmB consists of Luc Plompen (Voice, guitar), Wouter Kuyper (Bagpipes, recorders, chalumeau) and Niek van Uden-Luteijn (accordion). They’ve known each other for years through the international balfolk community.

The wish to bring sung balfolk in a powerful constellation, brought them in the end to a combination of born troubadour with a warm storytelling voice, a bunch of bagpipes and flutes as only Wouter can play them and the solid base of Nieks big concert accordion.

They have just released their first album, “Ge vindt wel a taal” (“You’ll find a language”)