Festival bracelet

Maartje de Goede is wellknown as the designer of the colourful CaDansa banners and festival bracelets. For the occasion of SofaFolk she designed a bracelet to catch up with all the unworn bracelets of season 20-21.

“I wasn’t there, Balfolk ’20-’21”

On one hand, this is a sad thing, but also our hope for a more dancable future.

The bracelet is made of a colourful woven fabric and comes with a metal closing clip, like you might know from the CaDansa bracelets. We cannot send proper equipment with each bracelet, but we hope you find your own creative way to wear this first bracelet in ages. To many more, this summer or afterwards!

If you order a festival starter package or one of the more elaborate packages, you’ll get one bracelet send to you. Do you want to support the musicians who organize the festival and all collaborating technicians and designers even more? You can order a bracelet for yourself or a friend for a donation of your choice.

Sample – festival bracelet “I wasn’t there Balfolk ’20-’21”