During SofaFolk you can enjoy the live music of Airboxes and BmB and we hope they’ll make you put down your colored pencils and beer to do a little dance in the living room. For this, we’ve also organized some inspiration, if you want to try out something else for a change.

Sophie van Grinsven, a pro dancer, teacher and choreographer, will perform as part of our livestream. You know her as one of the teachers last years at Dutch balfolk events like CaDansa and the Dansstage. Below you can read more about her.

Sophie van Grinsven (1985, The Netherlands) was trained from a young age in classical ballet, but discovered during her later training that she could experience true freedom in a mix of contemporary dance, dance theater and improvisation. Besides joining various productions and projects, to expand her repertoire and knowledge, she joined performing art collective “Zwermers” (then called “Bouwjaar ’84”) in 2015. With the company, she performs as an improv dancer in location theater productions such as “De verzamelingen”, “Stenen Kamer” and various editions of “Smeltkroezen”. She is also one of the main puppeteers for the 8 meter tall “Korpus”. She currently is active as a choreographer for her own improvisation dance theater company “Project Sputnik”, and works as a dance teacher (classical ballet, contemporary dance, dance improvisation) and stage coach in various projects in the Netherlands.