Cosy and comfy games

Do we have any art connaisseurs amongst us? Creative people? Bring out all your craft equipment, colored pencils and/or watercolours and let’s not forget glitters: we have a real colouring contest for you.

One of the tracks of BmB’s album is Déjeuner sur l’herbe, composed by the French hurdy-gurdy player Isabelle Pignol. Her composition is again based on the wellknown and eponymous painting by Edouard Manet, the one you see here below.

Auke Eringa drew the band in the setting of Manet’s painting, with all kinds of clues about the tracks of their new CD. To help yourself in a creative splurge, order one of the festival packages and the coloring page will be e-mailed to you. You can draw it before, or during the online festival.

There’s a CD to be won by the most creative/beautiful submission.

Soon there will follow more information about games in our virtual festival grounds.